I do interviews fairly frequently, though my bookmarks folder is a hellish firestorm of disorganisation and eternal flux, so these tend to slip through my fingers when it comes to remembering where they were and who they were with. Some of the more detailed and/or hopefully interesting interviews are linked here, in case there's any insight to be dredged from their various depths.

   For convenience, each of them is marked to note whether they're in audio, video, or written format.

   If you want to contact me for an interview, feel free to hit me up through the site or on Twitter. I'm usually pretty responsive, depending on what deadlines are eating me alive at any given time.



22nd July, 2019 (Video)

Talking with the lovely Wade Pryce on VoxCast, the official Warhammer 40,000 podcast. We covered a lot of ground on this one, from 40K's key themes; the new lore additions like Imperium Nihilus; a bunch of my backstory in terms of writing and getting into the hobby; and a plethora of context about Chaos Marine existence, the differences between Space Marine and Chaos Marine psychology, and -- of course -- the Emperor's Spears.



15th May, 2019 (Video)

We did a series of interviews with Warhammer TV for the Siege of Terra series rounding out The Horus Heresy. A lot of discussion in this one about the whole process over the last 10 years, including memories of working with the team and what to expect in the Siege novels themselves. 

I want to note here that I originally mentioned my friend Alan Bligh in this interview, but that section was understandably cut out due to the melancholy tone.



24th November, 2018 (Written)

The Track of Words review blog asked me on for a Rapid Fire segment, discussing the process and themes of Spear of the Emperor, including some talk about the research that went into the novel and my overall approach to 40K writing.



8th December, 2017 (Written)

I was lucky enough to be asked by the r/Warhammer subreddit to do an Ask Me Anything, which I did for, like, ten freaking hours.  There's a lot of 40K lore discussion, and a lot of opinions about various characters and novels I don't usually share.

Nothing too scandalous, of course.

Imperial Truth


15th May, 2017 (Audio)

I loved this one. Me and John French appeared on The Imperial Truth podcast for a deep-dive discussion of how Chaos and the Traitor Legions work; the Horus Heresy; old 40K lore; The Master of Mankind; and Praetorian of Dorn. 

Note: We start talking about 20 minutes into the recording.