The Road to Jove is my first webcomic -- a long-term collaboration with the artist David Sondered of Studio Colrouphobia. It's a joy to work so closely with an artist on a project like this, and his artwork consistently blows my mind as he imbues the characters, and the wastelands of the Regret, with a sense of dark, unhealthy life.

   If you're interested in following along the road with Tara and Ceathair, the cover link below will take you to The Road to Jove's external site.



   Three generations ago, the Great War ended in the fires of a false sun. Fomoria claimed victory. Jove was destroyed. The rest of the world was broken by the final blow, devolving into the unstable wasteland now called the Regret.


   Tara and Ceathair are soldiers on the journey from the Kingdom of Fomoria to the fallen city-state of Jove. Tara is an officer; Ceathair is a Keltoi war-automaton. The road will take them through shattered cities, territories claimed by primitive tribes and all manner of creatures crawling through the bowels of a ruined world.

   They're hunted by many foes, including the Jotunn: a pack of rundown military robots from the nation of Scandza. These hunters are led by Andor, a Scandzan commander still fighting a war every nation lost.

   Whatever weapon Fomoria unleashed almost a century ago has damaged the world beyond reckoning. Reality itself is degrading, coming apart at the seams. North is no longer true north. Monsters manifest in the shadows cast by the living. The dead no longer sleep soundly in their graves.

   And the road is long.

   That's all you need to know.

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